An efficient solution for your business that combines digital marketing strategies and outbound phone calls to increase your sales through upsell, cross-sell and excellent customer service.

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State-of-the-art technology

With our technology we can be more efficient in contacting your potential and current customers to increase your sales.

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Commercial strategies

We design commercial strategies directed to the product and the segment you want to capture, we execute informative and promotional email campaigns, SMS, web and/or social networks.

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Management Reports

We provide continuous management reports with indicators and results, supported by a CRM platform, for greater detail of each of the campaigns carried out and their effectiveness.

Don't wait for your customers to find you, increase your sales by applying digital marketing strategies and phone calls.

What do we offer?

Telephone Channel

  1. Omnichannel sales.
  2. Assignment of specialized executives.
  3. Internal consulting for the optimization and potentiation of resources.
  4. Customer loyalty, retention and reactivation.


  1. Predictive dialing.
  2. Automatic progressive dialing.
  3. Reminders.
  4. SMS.
  5. WhatsApp.
  6. Direct mail.
  7. Mailing.

Business intelligence

  1. Planning and execution of marketing strategies.
  2. Real-time analysis, control and reporting of process results.
  3. CRM tailored to the needs of each service and customer.

"We manage your business with that human touch needed to generate memorable experiences for your customers."

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